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My name is Ron Williams and I am the Founder of Faith & Fat Loss, a program designed to Change Your Body and Transform Your Soul. As one of the most decorated Natural Bodybuilders in the world and a pastor, I know what it takes to do both.

I am a Professor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, a personal coach, and a Regional Chairman for the National Gym Association. I have scientifically researched and biblically studied for over 25 years nutrition, Scripture, exercise, and prayer and have taught these subjects on the college level, but more importantly, I have seen the results of physical and spiritual transformation in my own life.

I feel very blessed to have been inducted into the International Natural Bodybuilding Associations Hall of Fame and to have won over 250 Natural Bodybuilding titles including these top titles seven times each: Mr. Natural Universe, Natural Olympia and Natural World. I am also the sole recipient of the Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade Award.

My motto is - once a competitor, always a competitor. I am now competing to defeat obesity and obesity-related diseases. To this end I have trained hundreds of athletes to lose excess body fat; helping many of them become champions in their fields. I have also successfully coached thousands of people in reaching their fat loss goals. My passion is to make these same results available to everyone through my revolutionary Faith & Fat Loss program.

If you have the desire, I have the knowledge and tools and together we can accomplish your permanent fat loss goals and soul transformation. Why settle for anything less!