21-Day Jump Start

The Faith & Fat Loss Program is designed to be launched with a 21-Day Jump Start. During the initial three weeks you're preparing the way for God to work on your body and your life. Based on this solid foundation, He can take you to new heights of spiritual and physical transformation.

The Faith & Fat Loss 21-Day Jump Start utilizes the "Power of 21" in four key areas to help you win the battle against obesity. During this time, you will be setting the standard for long term weight loss and a permanent, healthy lifestyle change. (The "Power of 21" is explained in greater detail in Ron Williams' book, Faith & Fat Loss.)

The "Power of 21" Days of Eating - The five to six meals you eat during this time are very healthy, completely balanced, and conducive to longevity. They will aid in detoxification and prepare the body for permanent fat loss. Once this happens, you will be able to shed the unwanted fat. During this initial period, we have seen weight losses of between 7-26 pounds among ALL who follow the program.


The "Power of 21" Days of Scripture - Just as you eat physically, you must eat spiritually. In both instances, the quality of the food is the key to good health. We have incorporated a "Spiritual Detox" program into this time to help you develop new spiritual eating habits and to "lay aside every weight and sin that does so easily beset you" (Hebrews 12:1).

The "Power of 21" Days of Exercise - Exercising consistently for three weeks will cause several positive things to occur, including stimulating the brain to release endorphins that help you feel good naturally. You will also be establishing a realistic and sustainable habit that can more easily become a way of life.

The "Power of 21" Days of Prayer - Prayer is a spiritual exercise that helps you to develop a deeper relationship with God. Through this relationship all of your physical and spiritual needs are met; including, permanent fat loss. Just as with physical exercise, consistency is the key, so we have included an easy to follow prayer schedule in the 21-day Jump Start.

The "Power of 21" is designed to create significant physical and spiritual changes in a short time. And it's only the beginning of the Faith & Fat Loss Program that will lead to a healthier you. The jump-start prepares your body to respond to diet and exercise; and your spirit to respond to the transforming power of God's word and prayer.