Phase 1 -- The "21-Day Jump Start" The Faith & Fat Loss Program is designed to be launched with a 21-Day Jump Start. During the initial three weeks you're preparing the way for God to work on your body and your life. Based on this solid foundation, He can take you to new heights of spiritual and physical transformation. This phase is a designated time of physical and spiritual consecration to God, designed to detoxify and flush the fat cells of fat loss resistant toxins.  Once the toxins are released, the body is ready and more willing to release the excess body fat.  During this 21 day period you are setting a physical and spiritual standard for long-term fat loss and a permanent lifestyle change. Expectations: Fat Loss of 7-31 lbs. Never hungry. Boost in your energy. Igniting of your metabolism. Overcoming cravings and addictions. The "21-Day Jump Start" Eating Plan: Eat 5-6 meals per day Every meal (except the last meal) must include a protein, carbohydrate, and an essential fatty acid Never eat a carbohydrate by itself Stop eating two hours before bed Fruit, dairy, all caffeinated drinks, processed foods, and simple sugars are eliminated during the "21 Day Jump Start" Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of Distilled water fortified with Ron Williams Trace Minerals. For every 15 minutes of vigorous exercise add an additional six to eight ounces of water. (This is essential to rid the body of the excess toxins.) It is important that you prepare, at the beginning of the day, to ensure success. You can choose to create your own meal plans or the Faith & Fat Loss book is available to assist you with meal plans, food lists, tips for success, lists of food to avoid, and detailed instruction for success. If you strictly adhere to this 21 day period you will be successful The "21-Day Jump Start" Exercise Plan: The Faith & Fat Loss Exercise Plan is divided into two segments: 1st -- Fat-Burning Cardio: Fat-burning cardiovascular training is exercise specifically focused on training your heart and achieving maximum fat loss; it includes exercises such as walking, jogging, aerobic step, or jumping jacks.  I recommend walking as the best choice for fat-burning cardio because it is the easiest to monitor, it doesn't require any accessories, and can basically be done anywhere. The way to most effectively burn body fat through cardio is to exercise at your "training heart rate" for a minimum of fifteen minutes, at least three days a week. Your objective is to reach your training heart rate.  The way to accomplish this is to walk with your hands above your heart at a pace that is slightly uncomfortable, but yet you are still able to talk (whichever exercise you choose, the formula is the same.)  Exercising above your training heart rate causes you to burn carbohydrates rather than sending a signal to burn fat for the next twenty-four hours. 2nd -- Ron Williams IsoDynamic Fat Loss Training: IsoDynamic Fat Loss Training is a type of circuit training. It is a combination of resistance and fat-burning cardiovascular exercise. To achieve long-term healthy fat loss, both components are needed. IsoDynamic Fat Loss training concentrates on fat loss, muscle strength, and endurance. This combination will shorten the time you spend working out and will enhance your body's fat-burning capacity. While working-out, advance from the resistance exercise to a cardio exercise -- such as, walking in place, jogging in place, aerobic step, or jumping jacks within three to five seconds, and from cardio back to the resistance within three to five seconds, so that you maintain your training heart rate. During the first three minutes of cardiovascular exercise, your body burns carbohydrates as its primary source of fuel.  If you remain constant, the primary source of fuel becomes fat and this sends a signal to the body to burn body fat for the next twenty-four hours. Because your desire is to decrease body fat it is important to maintain the fat loss signal by not resting. If the transition from the resistance to cardio and vice-versa takes longer than five seconds you lose the fat loss training effect. The IsoDynamic Fat Loss Exercise program is detailed and explained in the Ultimate Fat Loss System. Spiritual Eating Plan: Just like we need to detoxify our bodies physically; we also need to detoxify our spiritual bodies from the toxic thoughts and daily influences. During the 21 Day Jump Start you are expected to study and memorize scripture for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes daily. Even though this doesn't seem like an enormous amount of time, it is sufficient for God to completely change your life. Don't make the mistake of concentrating solely on the physical part of the Faith & Fat Loss program. Transformation only comes through the spiritual portion, which is enhancing your relationship with the Lord. It is God that ensures that the excess body fat never returns. Spiritual Exercise Plan: This means to exert our spiritual muscle through prayer. Consistently training a physical muscle will cause it to get stronger; by the same token, consistently exerting your spiritual muscle, through prayer, will cause you to get stronger spiritually. As you strengthen the inner man, the spirit of God will help you strengthen your physical body. CONSECRATION: It is important that the 21 Day Jump Start is more than just a new diet you decide to test. This first 21 days is a period of consecration. The definition of the word consecration is to set aside a period of time to completely dedicate oneself to God - physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. During this time the following are committed to God: Physical Nutrition Physical Exercise Spiritual Nutrition -- Study of Scripture Spiritual Exercise -- Prayer By committing and consecrating this time to God you are placing yourself in the best position possible for the Lord to hear your cry and answer your prayer; and through this answer you will be on the road to permanent fat loss and true transformation. It is now time to put it all together one prayer, one meal, one day at a time to acquire your physical and spiritual success!