Biblical Guidance


Spiritual Eating Plan

The Word of God clearly articulates the importance of having a healthy spiritual diet. In the natural (physical body), as well as in the spiritual -- you are what you eat. Spiritually, as a Christian, your nutrition comes from the Word of God. In Luke 8:11, God's Word is referred to as a spiritual seed that is planted in your mind and designed to penetrate the heart. This process is orchestrated by God to build you up and produce spiritual growth and health.


Job 12:12 states, "...I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food."Job was relaying to us the importance of his spiritual food, meaning God's Word. If we don't eat physically we will become unhealthy, anorexic, and eventually die. If we as Christians don't eat spiritually - our fate is the same. We use Job's testimony as an example of the importance of having spiritual food (God's Word) to build our spiritual body.


In your quest for, physical and spiritual, fat loss it is guaranteed that struggles, obstacles, and distractions will be encountered. When these circumstances arise you must be prepared to overcome by using the Word of God as your spiritual protection. For example, many of us can relate to waking up and not feeling our best. You may feel spiritually weak, which may lead to thoughts of giving up. At times like this you need strength from God's Word. The following scripture would be beneficial:

Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

I can do all things pertaining to God and godliness. Not with my own strength, but with His. We must be strong, but in the power of the Lord's might. Sometimes we have to wait on the Lord and He will renew our strength. You have been waiting long enough; God is saying He wants to renew your strength now. The excess weight, physically and spiritually, you have been carrying has been there far too long. If you ask God for the strength, all you have to do is believe and accept what He has already provided for you.


In the Faith & Fat Loss program we have supplied you with memorization scriptures for the different areas of struggle you will face; such as:

  • Comfort
  • Discipline
  • Encouragement
  • Faith
  • Strength
  • Healing

These scriptures are an exceptional tool for your use in increasing your prayer life, furthering your walk with God, and achieving your ultimate fat loss goals. The intentions of these scriptures are to:

  • Increase your faith
  • Empower you against the attacks of the enemy
  • Further your understanding of God's Word
  • Deepen your relationship with God
  • Teach you to use the Word of God as an effective weapon
  • Increase your spiritual maturity
  • Encourage and strengthen you
  • Teach you to use the scripture to bring comfort
  • Help you develop discipline
  • Maximize your ability to achieve transformation